I love finding out what makes people tick, what makes them spring out of bed or hide under the covers; then designing the coat they’re proud to wear.

Me and my work

Nicola's Story

I am a London-based designer who specialises in user research, digital and product design. I design, work with and learn from organisations I believe in and founders who have redefined their sector. I‘ve helped build a brand and service design agency that empowers clients to launch brands, businesses, services and products that are committed to creating fairer, smarter, kinder ways of doing things. With over 15 years of experience, I have collaborated with and led diverse and talented creative teams and have worked closely with brave leftfield business leaders, their organisations and their customers. My experience has helped me develop an end-to-end or specialist offer that ensures communication, whether visual, verbal or experiential, is meaningful, bold and cohesive.

Hybrid role

Full service delivery

I have experience in recruiting and leading teams across an end-to-end project as well as scoping, researching, designing and delivering solutions for a single brief. The requirements, budget, and timeframes will define the shape of my role.

Specialist role

Research, UX & Product design

I plug into projects during the research and strategy phase and/or product design phase. I interview customers and develop frameworks that help form the brand and service blueprint. I bring insights to life in digital products and service moments.