My work

Case study: VERB

Defining and designing a story and website for a real estate disrupter to attract high growth sectors.

Case study: Linnworks

A deeper understanding of enterprise customers in SAS e-commerce and a blueprint to scale operations.

Case study: Pure Planet EVs

Breaking down electric vehicle adoption to make it the logical next step for renewable energy customers.

Case study: Ambition School Leadership

A brand and digital products designed to attract and knit together teachers working for disadvantaged schools

Case study: Home of Production

A blueprint & digital experience to demonstrate the next generation of film studios to global players.

Case study: JUSTGIVING

Shifting perceptions from a 'PayPal for charity' to a 'Social Giving' fundraising platform.

Case study: WorkWild

A proposition and product architecture to help placemaker and social entrepreneur grow her business

Case study: Practicus

Articulating value in the transactional recruitment space and re-imagining services based on staff insight.

Case study: Pure Planet

A unified visual, verbal & service design experience to support the launch of a Zero Carbon app.

Case study: Irembo

Scaling up the digitisation of public services & a digital transformation proposition for the private sector.

Case study: Stories of Beauty

An e-commerce experience to embody self-empowered beauty, designed to cater for a new type of customer.

Case study: Generation Home

A brand strategy and service designed to launch a prop-tech mortgage disrupter and attract generation rent.